The Minnesota Department of Revenue updated Form W-4MNP, Minnesota Withholding Certificate to reflect recent law changes, including:

  • MN state tax withholding is no longer based on tax filing status and allowances.
  • Recipients may request the default rate of 6.25%, no withholding, or a specified percentage or dollar amount.
  • If a recipient does not complete a Form W-4MNP, a flat 6.25% withholding rate will apply (Minnesota residents only; MSRS does not withhold for other states).

This change does not affect federal tax withholding.

Two ways to change your MN state tax withholding
If you are interested in changing your MN state tax withholding to one of the new withholding options:

  • Complete a W-4MNP form (revised by the Dept of Revenue on 8/15/2023) and submit to MSRS.
  • Pension benefit recipients also have the option to make tax withholding changes online. Select the LOGIN button at top right of the screen and enter your login credentials.

No action is required if you do not want to change your state tax withholding. We will continue to withhold MN state taxes from your pension and retirement plan accounts based on your current election.

How to obtain state and federal tax withholding forms
If you want to change your tax withholding for pension payments and/or MNDCP installment payments, visit the Forms & Docs page on this website or call MSRS at 651-296-2761 or 1-800-657-5757 to request the form.

Pension tax withholding forms

MNDCP tax withholding forms