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My Total Retirement is a professionally managed investment strategy for you. Experienced professionals get to know your individual situation and create a personalized plan that is tailored and adjusted over time to help you reach your investment goals.


My Total Retirement Advisory Services

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We design and send you your My Total Retirement portfolio for review.

Your investment portfolio is tailored to your specific financial circumstances and investment options and regularly rebalanced.

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We monitor your account investments and keep you informed.

You receive annual updates that illustrate your progress and projects your results to keep you on track towards your retirement goals.

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We have professionals who can help.

You can speak to an investment advisor representative about your investment strategy and get help personalizing your profile.


What does it cost?

Fees are based on your account balance.

  • No more than 0.45% of your account balance per year. For example, if your average account balance is $10,000, you receive professional management for about $3.75 per month.*
  • There is no impact on your take-home pay, because fees are paid from your account.
  • Cancel anytime. You're not locked in to any long-term commitments.


Account Balance           Annual Rate
Up to $100,000           0.45%   
Next $150,000           0.35%
Next $150,000           0.25%
Over $400,000           0.15%


* My Total Retirement fees are charged in the frequency and manner detailed in the Advisory Services Agreement when you enroll: monthly fee examples are for illustrative purposes only. 


How does My Total Retirement work?

You receive:

  • A personalized investment strategy that considers your retirement goals including outside accounts.
  • Regular updates on your progress towards your investment goals.
  • Automatic adjustments to your investment portfolio as you approach retirement.
  • Access to investment advisor representatives to discuss and customize your investment strategy.



For more detailed information, see A Guide to My Total Retirement Advisory Services (pdf) or Contact Us 

Before making a decision to enroll in the program, please review the program's methodology, fees, and legal information. There is no guarantee that participation in any of the advisory services will result in a profit or that the account will outperform a self-managed portfolio invested without assistance.