Correctional Employees Retirement Plan

he Correctional Employees Retirement Plan (Correctional Plan) covers certain correctional officers and other specified employees in the Department of Corrections and Human Services that spend at least 75% of their time directly responsible for inmate or patient care. For a  list of positions covered by the Correctional Plan, see 352.91.

The Correctional Plan provides retirement, survivor, and disability coverage for state employees.The Plan does not offer loans, hardship withdrawals, or in-service withdrawals.

Once you retire, you receive a monthly retirement benefit for life with potential post-retirement increases. Depending on the option you select at retirement, your survivor(s) may be eligible to receive a lifetime survivor benefit upon your death.

Employees covered by the Correctional Plan contribute to Social Security. Monthly benefits from the Plan are paid in addition to Social Security benefits.


Would you like to serve on the MSRS Board of Directors?

Currently, there is a vacancy on the MSRS Board of Directors for a representative of the Correctional Retirement Plan. This vacancy is due to the resignation of the current incumbent. MSRS law and Board policy allows the Board to appoint a replacement to complete the term, which  ends May 2020.

To apply, you must be an active member of the Correctional Plan and submit ten signatures of other active members in that plan nominating you for the position, along with the Application for Board Vacancy form (a resume can satisfy this requirement if in includes all requested information). 

  • Deadline to apply is Friday, September 8, 2017.

  • The Board will review applications during their meeting in September.

To learn more about this opportunity, including the forms you need to complete, see Correctional Plan Board Vacancy.