Retirement benefit options

When you apply to receive monthly retirement or disability benefits, you must select a benefit option. You have several options to choose from. To learn more, see:

Who can be named as your survivor?
Anyone can be named as your survivor; however, if you choose a non-spouse survivor:

  • your survivor's age may limit the survivor options available to you.

  • your spouse must agree to waive his/her survivor coverage. This is done when the spouse signs the application for retirement (in the presence of a notary) acknowledging your choice of survivor.

Once payments begin, you cannot change your survivor option or the person(s) you elect to cover.

Bounce-back feature
Joint-and-Survivor options automatically have a bounce-back feature. If you are predeceased by your survivor, your monthly payment reverts to the single-life benefit amount. Exception:  Those covered under the Judges Retirement Plan can choose whether or not to include a bounce-back feature.


  • Review the pension plan handbook for your specific plan (see Forms & Documents). 
    Exception: There is no plan handbook for the Legislators Plan.

  • See Your Guide to Retirement brochure. 

  • Contact the MSRS Service Center at 651-296-2761 or 1-800-657-5757.