HCSP funding source(s) and contribution amounts are determined as follows:

  • Bargaining units: contributions must be agreed upon by both the bargaining unit and employer and written into a collective bargaining agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

  • Non-bargained units: contributions must be written in a personnel policy.

Contributions can be derived from a number of sources. For  example:

  • Severance

  • Employee ongoing contributions (either a percentage or dollar amount deducted each pay period)

  • Employer contributions of a fixed dollar amount

  • Vacation or PTO conversion

  • Early retirement incentives

  • Excess leave balances

No individual choice allowed
The contribution type and amount is negotiated and agreed upon by the bargaining unit or employer. Individual employees are not able to decide on the contribution amount or eligibility to participate.

Questions regarding contribution amounts or participation
Please contact your employer or bargaining unit.