Returning to Work after Termination / Retirement

It is important that you understand how re-employment affects your ability to access your HCSP account. If you return to work after termination or retirement you have limited or no access to your HCSP  funds.

If I return to work and employer is:                                                              
Can I request HCSP reimbursements?

Not a Minnesota public employer

(example: Target Corp or State of Wisconsin)


A Minnesota public employer but you have not previously worked for this employer

(example: changing from county employment to city employment)

You can request reimbursements of the HCSP account balance that resulted from previous employment.

Contributions to the HCSP that result from new employment are not eligible for reimbursement until you end the new employer.

A Minnesota public employer and you previously worked for this employer

Note: There must be a termination date and break in service.

You have limited or no access to your HCSP assets.   

  • See Rehired Employee to learn more. 

  • Contact MSRS and/or your employer to discuss your eligibility to request reimbursements.


Examples of a "previous"  Minnesota public employer:

  • Employee who returns to work under a State of Minnesota PRO Agreement or PERA's Phased Retirement Option and break in service is less then 13 weeks.

  • Retired teacher who returns to work with his/her district as a substitute teacher.

  • State of Minnesota employee who transfers from one state agency to another state agency.

  • MNSCU employee who transfers from one campus/location to another campus/location.

  • Employee who accepts a different job with same employer that results in a change in bargaining unit affiliation or retirement plan coverage (for example, change from TRA to PERA).