If marriage results in a name change for you, see Change Name.

If you are still working or left public employment but not yet collecting an MSRS pension benefit, please notify MSRS of your change in marital status and the name of your spouse so we can update our records. When you receive estimates of retirement benefits from MSRS, the statement will include survivor benefit options based on your spouse's information.

If you are already retired and collecting an MSRS pension plan, you cannot change the survivor benefit option you chose at retirement.


During a marriage dissolution proceeding, the court may determine that the assets accrued in the MSRS pension plan, Unclassified Retirement Plan, Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan (MNDCP), or the Health Care Savings Plan (HCSP) must be divided between the two parties of the divorce. A certified copy of the court order must be submitted to MSRS.

For more information on how divorce may affect your pension, MNDCP, or HCSP, please contact MSRS. Forms and additional information is available at Forms & Documents - Divorce.