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Pension Plans



Retirement Applications

  General Employees Retirement Plan (pdf)

  Correctional Retirement Plan (pdf)

  State Patrol Retirement Plan (pdf)

  Judges Retirement Plan (pdf)

  Unclassified Retirement Plan (pdf)

  Legislators Retirement Plan (pdf)


Tax Withholding Certificates

  W-4P, Federal tax withholding (pdf)

  W-4MNP, Minnesota state tax withholding (pdf)

Note: MSRS cannot provide advice about how to complete these tax forms. If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact a tax or legal advisor.


Pension Beneficiary Designation Forms

  General Employees Retirement Plan (pdf)

  Correctional Employees Retirement Plan (pdf)

  State Patrol Retirement Plan (pdf)

  Judges Plan (pdf)

  Unclassified Retirement Plan (pdf)

  Pilots, Military Affairs, or Fire Marshals Plan (pdf)

  Legislators or Elected Officials (pdf)

Need Beneficiary Designation form for another plan?
See the forms page for HCSP or MNDCP


Misc Forms

  Direct Deposit Agreement (pdf)

  Personal Information Change (pdf)


Unclassified Plan - Transfer Prior Service

  Transfer Prior Service to Unclassified (pdf)


Unclassified - Elect Coverage by General Plan

  Election Form - Hired Before July 1, 2010 (pdf)

  Election Form - Hired After June 30, 2010 (pdf)

  Unclassified Plan Transfer Option (pdf)