Follow these steps to request reimbursement of eligible medical expenses. This process assumes you are eligible to request a reimbursement because you left Minnesota public employment and expenses were incurred after you left employment. You incur an expense the date the service is provided, not when the bill is paid.

Important! Reimbursements are always paid to you. MSRS never pays the provider.

  1. Complete a Reimbursement Request form (pdf).

  2. Complete a Direct Deposit Agreement (pdf) to have payments deposited into your bank account. You only need to complete this form once. All future payments will be sent to your bank account.

  3. Provide appropriate documentation of the expenses.

  4. Make a copy of the form and documentation for your records.

  5. Mail or fax the form and documentation to MSRS. DO NOT email your request to MSRS.

  6. Payment will be made to you by check or deposited with your financial institution approximately ten business days after receipt. Payment timing can fluctuate due to volume of requests received by MSRS.