Planning for your retirement should not be taken lightly. Before you jump in and start choosing investments, spend some time thinking about your financial strengths and weaknesses.

Two ways to invest

The Unclassified Plan offers two approaches to build your investment portfolio. The choice is yours depending on how involved you would like to be in managing your investment portfolio.

Image of a Dart Board representing Target Date Funds


Target Retirement Funds

If you are a hands-off investor, a single MN Target Retirement Fund (or Target Date Fund) offers a diversified mix of stocks and bonds (also called fixed income investments). A professional money manager selects and manages the right mix of investments (asset allocation) based on the target retirement date.

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Core Investment Options

For the hands-on investor, MNDCP offers a variety of investment options to help you build a diversified portfolio. This allows you the opportunity to choose an investment mix that is right for you.

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How to choose

Are you a HANDS-OFF investor?

Choose a Target Retirement Fund if you aren't familiar with investment terminology, have little understanding of how to invest, or don't want to spend your time following every twist and turn of the financial markets. This option allows you peace of mind that your investment portfolio is properly diversified.


Are you a HANDS-ON investor?

Choose from a variety of Core Investment Options if you are a knowledgeable investor who can properly manage your investments. That means you are comfortable ensuring your investment portfolio has the right mix of stocks and bonds to ensure your investment portfolio is properly diversified.