Beneficiary & survivor benefit

Your status at the time of death (before or after you are collecting a monthly retirement/disability benefit), determines how your assets will be paid and to whom (a beneficiary or survivor).

It is important that you understand the difference between a beneficiary and survivor and the benefits they are eligible for upon your death.


Death occurs after leaving State of Minnesota employment

At the time of death, was the State Patrol Officer collecting an MSRS monthly pension benefit?

  • Yes. The named survivor will receive a monthly benefit payment. The benefit amount depends on the benefit option selected.

  • No but was vested*. Surviving spouse is entitled to receive a 100% Joint-and-Survivor benefit computing using the ages of the deceased participant on date of death and the survivor.

  • No but was not vested*. A refund of contributions plus interest is paid to surviving spouse, or if none, surviving children, or if none, the deceased's members estate.

* Vested - Must have at least 3 years of service if hired before July 1, 2013; or 5 years of service if hired after June 30, 2013.


Death occurs while employed by State of Minnesota

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