Your status at the time of death (before or after you are collecting a monthly retirement/disability benefit), determines how your assets will be paid and to whom (a beneficiary or survivor).

It is important that you understand the difference between a beneficiary and survivor and the benefits they are eligible for upon your death.

Death occurs after leaving State of Minnesota employment

The named survivor will receive a monthly benefit payment. The benefit amount depends on the benefit option selected.

Was the officer vested* when they died?

If yes, the surviving spouse is entitled to receive a 100% Joint-and-Survivor benefit computing using the age of the deceased participant on date of death and the survivor's age.

If no, a refund of contributions plus interest is paid to surviving spouse, or if none, surviving children, or if none, the deceased member's estate.


* Vesting occurs when officer has at least 3 years of service if hired before July 1, 2013; or 5 years of service if hired after June 30, 2013

Death occurs while employed by State of Minnesota

If at the time of death the State Patrol Officer was:

*Vested -- must have at least 3 years of service if hired before July 1, 2013; or 5 years of service if hired July 1, 2013 or after.

A dependent child is any natural or adopted, unmarried child of a deceased member under 18 years of age. Any child at least 18 but under age 23 is included if the child is a full-time student of an accredited school.

For each dependent child, your spouse or legal guardian receives 10% of your high-five salary. The State Patrol Plan pays $20 per month, distributed equally among your dependent children. The monthly family benefit for a spouse and any children cannot exceed 70% of your average monthly salary.

If you die and no monthly survivor benefits are payable to a spouse or dependent children, your designated beneficiary receives a refund of the accumulated deductions plus interest. If you are not survived by your designated beneficiary, a refund is paid to your estate.