If you leave state service to serve in the military and return to state employment within 90 days of discharge, you may buy your service credit for that time. There is a limited amount of time to purchase this service credit, so it is important to contact us as soon as you return.

Military leave after June 30, 2004

To receive service credit for military leave, you may pay into the retirement fund the retirement salary deductions you would have contributed had you been employed by the state during your time of military service. Your employer will pay the employer share of the retirement contribution–plus interest. You must make payment within a time period that equals three times the length of the leave up to five years. For example, if your leave was for one year, you must make payment for this time within three years.

Military leave prior to July 1, 2004

If you took a military leave before July 1, 2004, which interrupted your time as a State Patrol Plan member, you automatically receive credit for your military time.

Military service prior to state employment

If you have military service before working for the state, you cannot buy this back.