Length of Service

Service Credit or Allowable Service
Service credit or allowable service is the credit you earn each day of legislative service. The more service you have and the higher your annual pay, the higher your monthly retirement benefit.

Retirement benefits are based on a full term in office unless your employment ends before your term is completed.

  • A full term in office for a representative is two years.

  • A full term in office for a senator is four years. Exception: a term that starts following the national census is two years.

If elected to office mid-term for the first time before July 1, 1995, you receive full-term service credit for the calculation of the monthly benefit only.  Full-term service credit is not given for the 6-year vesting requirement.

Combined Service Annuity
Many state employees have worked, or will someday work, for a Minnesota city, county, or school district. If you are covered by another Minnesota public retirement plan, this may combine with
your service as a Legislator. For more details, see Combined Service.