You can change your investment options as often as you wish. Changes can be made any day the stock market is open. Transfer requests received by 3 p.m. central time will be processed that business day. Changes requested after 3 p.m. central time, on weekends, or on stock market holidays will be processed the next business day.

See below to learn what types of investment-related transactions can be processed on your account.

How to change your investment options

  • Login to your account online

  • Call the MSRS Service Center at 651-296-2761 or 1-800-657-5757

Types of Investment Transactions

  • Returns your investment mix to your intended long-term strategy.
  • Keeps your investment portfolio diversified.
  • Avoids the possibility that some investments dominate your portfolio.
  • Allows you to rebalance your account automatically on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. You can stop automatic rebalance at any time.
  • Changes how future only payroll contributions are invested.
  • Does not affect how your current balance is invested. 
  • Moves a specific dollar amount or percentage of your current account balance from one investment option to another. Trading restrictions may apply.
  • Does not change how your future contributions are invested. 

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) allows you to invest a fixed dollar amount at regular time intervals in the same investment fund(s). DCA helps manage market timing risk, which in turn, could potentially lower the average price per share you pay. This may also be helpful if you are considering changing how your money is invested but want to move your account assets slowly over time.

You can set up DCA to move money monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.