Each January, eligible MSRS benefit recipients receive an increase to their monthly pension benefit amount. Annual benefit increases are defined in Minnesota law. The increase is prorated the first year after retirement and is based on the number of full months a retiree was retired during the previous fiscal year. After the initial prorated increase, the retiree will receive the full benefit increase in subsequent years.

   Retirement Plan    Post-Retirement Increase
   General*, Unclassified, Legislators    1.0%
   1.5% beginning 1/1/2024**
   Correctional, Judges    1.5%
   State Patrol    1.0%

The current increase percentages were adopted in legislation passed in 2018. This landmark legislation made a number of benefit reforms that impacted all members of the pension plans. To learn more about the reforms, click here. The legislation was supported by a broad coalition of union, employer and retiree organizations and resulted in improved retirement security for over 500,000 Minnesotans and an immediate $3.4 billion liability reduction.

MSRS pays monthly benefits to over 52,000 individuals. Another 75,000 are currently contributing to a pension or are waiting to begin their benefits. At this scale, it is necessary to consider and balance current benefits with long-term pension sustainability.

Notification of increase
Pension benefit recipients receive a letter in December to confirm their benefit increase amount for the upcoming calendar year. A copy of the letter is available in the online file cabinet. Follow these instructions to view and download your letter:

  1. Login to your account online. Note: If you do not have login credentials, select the New User/Need Help link in Login box.
  2. Go to My Documents on the top navigation bar.
  3. Select File Cabinet under Pension.
  4. Your post-retirement increase letter will appear under Correspondence.


* Includes Military Affairs, Transportation Pilots and State Fire Marshals Retirement Plans

** Starting January 1, 2024: General & Legislative Plan employees who retire prior to normal (full) retirement age will not receive a post-retirement increase until January 1 following attainment of normal retirement age. An employee retiring under the Rule of 90 has attained normal retirement age.