ACA: Reporting HCSP Coverage 2018

  While the HCSP is not specifically addressed in the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), the plan shares some similarities with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)....

HCSP Contract Language Reminders 

  1. HCSP participation cannot be negotiated on an individual basis (1-person groups are not allowed).

  2. The terms of HCSP participation and funding mechanisms must be stated in a written personnel policy or bargaining agreement. MSRS must review and approve the language.

  3. The employer should not remit contributions until the employee group contract language has been approved by MSRS.

  4. MSRS must approve each employee group separately
    (meaning the employer must complete an HCSP Contract Approval/Renewal form for each employee group and provide MSRS with  a copy of the contract).


  5. Only employees who belong to a group approved by MSRS to participate in the HCSP can contribute to the plan.

  6. If  contract language is modified, the employer must re-enroll the employee group in the HCSP. Plan rules allow contract modifications every two years.


For more detail, see HCSP Contract Language or contact your MSRS representative.