Rehired vs New Employee

Employees who return to work are classified as "rehired" or "new" for the purpose of accessing their HCSP account. It is important that you understand how your status impacts your ability to request reimbursements.

Rehired Employee 
Generally, a rehired employee is not eligible to request reimbursement of medical expenses incurred after they return to work. Exception: If rehired in a position not eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, may be reimbursed with funds credited to the HCSP account prior to January 1, 2014.

Definition of rehired employee
An HCSP participant re-employed by a previous public employer that sponsored their HCSP and whose status as a terminated employee of the sponsoring employer lasted less than 13 consecutive weeks, or less than 26 consecutive weeks, if employer is an educational organization.

A rehired employee can be a:

  • full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees (regardless of the number of hours works)

  • substitute teacher who returns to work with their former district (regardless of the number of days or hours worked)

  • retiree who returns to work under the State of Minnesota post-retirement option (PRO) or PERA’s phased retirement option

New  Employee
A new employee may request reimbursement of eligible medical expenses from the HCSP account balance attributed to any previous Minnesote public employment. Any HCSP account balance attributed to the new employer/employment cannot be accessed until the participant ends that employment.

Definition of new employee
An HCSP participant who returns to work with:

  • a different employer (public or private);

  • their previous employer who sponsored their HCSP and the period of absence with no earnings from that employer was at least 13 consecutive weeks, or at least 26 consecutive weeks, if employer is an educational organization.