In the event of an unforeseen emergency, you may be eligible to discontinue participation in the Supplemental Retirement Plan and withdraw the entire value of your account.

Unforeseeable emergency defined: A severe financial hardship resulting from a sudden and unexpected illness or accident of the participant or a person dependent upon the participant, loss of participant's property due to casualty, or other similar extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances arising from events beyond the participant's control.

To apply:

  1. Call MSRS at 651-296-2761 or 1-800-657-5757 to request an Application to Discontinue Program Participation and Redeem Shares form.

  2. When MSRS receives your completed form, we will forward to the Hennepin County plan administrator to review and approve your request.

  3. If approved by the Hennepin County administrator, the form will be returned to MSRS to process your request.