Go Paperless!  Access your plan documents anytime. Online documents are eco-friendly, secure and best of all, free!  You can view transaction confirmations, quarterly statements and plan newsletters from your online account.

Go Paperless is available for the following MSRS plans: MNDCP, HCSP, Unclassifed Retirement Plan, and Hennepin County Supplemental Plan.  It is not available for the pension plan.


  1. Avoid paying the $.63 quarterly statement fee that is assessed for paper statements.

  2. Lessen the risk of fraud and identify theft that comes with paper documents delivered to your mailbox (your mailbox and trash are two of the most common sources of identity theft).

  3. Reduce clutter and conserve trees by printing only what’s needed.

  4. Receive email notifications as soon as your documents are ready. Online documents are typically available sooner than paper documents that are mailed to you.  

How it works

  • Log into your account online to enroll.

  • We'll discontinue mailing you paper documents when you switch to Go Paperless.

  • Receive email notifications when new plan documents are available to view online.

  • Online documents are saved as PDFs. They look and function just like paper documents. You can access, save, and print up to four years of documents as needed.  

Go Paperless - Sign up today!