Transfer Rights During Your First Year of Employment

If you previously contributed to the General Employees Retirement Plan (General Plan), or another Minnesota public pension plan, you may transfer your employee and employer contributions, plus interest, from the previous pension plan to your Unclassified Plan retirement account.

If you took a refund of your employee contributions from another public pension plan, you may repay the refund of your contributions plus interest, and transfer not only your contributions, but the matching employer's contributions, as well.

It may not always be beneficial to transfer your assets to the Unclassified Plan.

  • In some cases, it is better to leave your money with the other retirement plan and take advantage of the Combined Service Law.

  • The General Plan and Unclassified Plan offer different survivor benefits that should be compared before switching plans.  

To request a transfer
You must complete the following form: Election to Transfer Prior Service Contributions