Target Retirement Funds

You can simplify investing by choosing a Target Retirement Fund. A Target Retirement Fund is invested with your anticipated retirement date in mind. You choose the Target Retirement Fund with the date closest to the date you plan to retire.

With this single fund selection, you will have a diversified portfolio designed to manage risk and grow your investment. It offers a mix of investments that automatically become more conservative as your target retirement date nears.

Consider a Target Retirement Fund if you . . .

  • find selecting investment options confusing, intimidating, or too time consuming.

  • are not confident in your knowledge of asset allocation or diversification.

  • want to choose a single fund designed to have the right mix of assets based on when you plan to retire.  As you near retirement, the fund automatically becomes more conservative.

Or, if you prefer, you can choose your own investment mix from the core funds offered by the State Board of Investment (SBI).

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Please consider investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses carefully before investing.  Neither the Minnesota State Retirement System nor the State of Minnesota guarantees investment performance or assumes any liability for any investment losses.


A target date fund will gradually shift its emphasis from more aggressive investments to more conservative ones based on its target date (which is the assumed retirement date for an investor). '

The date in a target date fund's name represents an approximate date when an investor is expected to retire (which is assumed to be at age 65) and/or begins withdrawing money. The principal value of the funds is not guaranteed at any time, including the target date.

Asset allocation and balanced investment options and models are subject to the risks of the underlying funds, which can be a mix of stocks/stock funds and bonds/bond funds. For more information, see the prospectus and/or disclosure documents.