Service Credit

Service credit does not impact your Unclassified Retirement Plan monthly retirement benefit. However, if you convert to the General Employees Retirement Plan, service credit is an important part of how we determine your retirement benefit.

Service credit, or allowable service, is the credit you earn each month retirement deductions are withheld from your salary. The more service you have and the higher your annual pay, the higher your monthly benefit.

Factors that can impact service credit
For more detail about any of the factors described below, please see the Unclassified Retirement Plan Handbook.

  • Leave of absence. You can take a leave of absence for various reasons, such as education, illness or parental leave. By taking a leave, you may forfeit service credit because you did not earn a salary and no deductions were taken. Once you return to work after a leave, you can make a payment to receive service credit for the leave. You may only purchase one year of service per leave. 

  • Military service. If you leave state service to serve in the military and return to state employment within 90 days of discharge, you may buy your service credit for that time. There is a limited amount of time to purchase this service credit, so it is important to contact us as soon as you return. 

  • Combined service. Many state employees have worked, or will someday work, for a Minnesota public employer including city, county, or school district. If you are covered by another Minnesota public retirement plan, this may combine with your service as a state employee. 

  • Legislative buyback – purchase of prior service credit. State law allows certain legislative employees to purchase prior service credit from MSRS.