Forms to Complete / Documents to Provide

When you are ready to retire and begin collecting a monthly benefit, you must submit to MSRS the forms and documents listed below. MSRS will not accept your application more than 60 days in advance of your retirement date.

Forms to complete and submit to MSRS
Forms can be downloaded from Forms & Documents. If you prefer, contact MSRS to have the forms mailed to you.  Exception: University of Minnesota employees should contact the U of M Employee Benefits Office at 612-624-9090.

  • Application for Retirement Benefit (required)
    The application must be signed in the presence of a notary. If you are married, your spouse must sign the application in the presence of a notary to acknowledge your benefit election. If your spouse does not sign the application and no survivor option is selected, MSRS is required by state law to pay the 50% Joint-and-Survivor option.

  • Direct Deposit Agreement (optional but recommended)
    Complete this form to have monthly benefits deposited into your bank account. Generally, MSRS sends your payment to your financial institution the first business day of each month.

  • Authorization for Insurance Premiun Deductions (optional)
    Only available to eligible public saftey officers and judges

    This form authorizes MSRS to withhold your medical , dental, or long-term care insurance premiums from your retirement benefit and pay them directly to your insurance provider.


Required documents to provide with your application

  • Your birth record
    Payment cannot begin until you provide MSRS with a copy of your birth record.

  • Your spouse's birth record
    If you select a survivor option, you must provide a copy of your survivor's birth record.

  • Copy of marriage certificate

  • Copy of divorce decree and/or domestic relations order (DRO)
    If you are currently divorced, or have been divorced, you must provide MSRS with a copy of the divorce decree and/or DRO, even if the MSRS retirement benefit will not be divided between the parties.


Important! You will receive your first benefit payment 6 weeks after the retirement date indicated on your application. This timeline assumes your application for retirement is in good order, you have provided MSRS with the required documents, and your employer has remitted all contributions to your retirement plan. Failure to meet these requirements could delay your benefit payment.