Requesting a Retirement Benefit Estimate

As you near retirement, we recommend  that you contact MSRS to request an estimate of your retirement benefit and the paperwork you need to apply for retirement.


  • Give you a general idea of your benefit amount. The  actual amount will not be known until after you retire.

  • May be "audited," meaning they are reviewed by MSRS staff for accuracy. If you are near retirement, we will most likely audit your estimate.

  • May take several weeks to run due to the time it takes to audit.


Call MSRS  at least 60 days in advance of retirement to request an estimate

When you call, be prepared to provide the following information so we can run an accurate estimate for you:

  • Your planned retirement date

  • The name of your survivor, their date of birth and relationship to you

  • Coverage under any other Minnesota retirement plan (TRA or PERA)