Qualifying Persons

Funds in your HCSP can be used to reimburse eligible medical expenses you paid that were incurred by:                   

  • You

  • Your spouse

  • Legal dependents, defined by the IRS as someone you can claim on your tax returns. For more guidance, refer to the IRS Form 1040 Instructions. Note: You may be required by MSRS to provide documentation as proof of legal dependent.

  • Adult children up to their 26th birthday. "Child" includes biological, adopted, step or foster children. Eligible expenses incurred by your adult child and paid by you can be reimbursed regardless of the child's marital status, place of residence, status as a student, financial dependence, or eligibility to enroll in their employer's plan.


Important! An expense is incurred the date service is provided, not the date the bill is paid. Therefore, the person who incurred the expense must be a "qualifying person" on the date the service was provided.