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Winter 2018

  • Board of Directors Election

  • Current Pension Funding

Summer 2017

  • Legislative update on MSRS funding

  • Call to serve on the MSRS Board of Directors

  • New online Account Login process 

Winter 2017

  • All about the MSRS proposed 2017 funding proposal

Summer 2016

  • Governor vetoes 2016 pension bill

  • MSRS Executive Director announces retirement

Winter 2016

Winter 2016 - Correctional Plan

  • MSRS Board funding proposal

  • Life expectancy study

  • Funding projections

Fall 2015

  • Investment returns

  • Plans financial status

  • Striving for financially sound pension plans

  • Benefit statements now mailed in birth month

  • Seeking candidates for MSRS Board of Directors

State Patrol Plan Reminder

Correctional Plan Reminder

  • Early retirement reduction factor changes

Winter 2015


  • Update on pension plan funding levels

  • Retirement plan financial highlights

  • Legislative update

  • MSRS Board changes

Winter 2014

  • Pension plan funding levels improve

  • Contribution rate increases

  • Post retirement increases may change slightly

Spring 2014

  • 2014 legislative update

  • Early retirement reduction factors change

  • Survivor coverage changes

Summer 2013
General Plan
Correctional Plan
State Patrol Plan


  • MSRS shows funding improvement

  • Increased early retirement factors

  • Survivor coverage changes

Spring 2012

  • Pension plan funding levels

  • A closer look at public pensions

  • How Minnesota public pensions stack up

  • MSRS Board election results

Winter 2011


  • MSRS shows funding improvements

  • Retiree study findings

  • Do MN public employees receive overly generous pensions?

  • The facts about retirement preparation

Winter 2010

  • MSRS Board to introcduce benefit adjustments to restore stability

  • Nine solutions to protect the solvency of MN retirement funds

Summer 2010

  • 2010 Legislature approves pension reform

  • Details of pension reform legislation