Tax Statements Mailed by January 31

  • MSRS Pension Plans: MSRS will mail you a Form 1099-R to report payments you received from your pension plan. The statement will be available online.
  • Defined Contribution Plans - MNDCP, HCSP (beneficiary), Unclassified Retirement Plan, Hennepin County 1% Supplemental Plan:
    • Great-West Retirement Services will report distributions.
    • MNDCP participants and HCSP beneficiaries will receive a Form 1099
    • Hennepin County 1% Supplemental Plan participants will receive a W-2 (not a 1099).
    • Statements are not available online.
  • Duplicate statements available: If you have not received your tax documents by February 10, please contact MSRS to request a duplicate statement.
  • Public Safety Premium Withholding. Premiums withheld from your pension or MNDCP are not reported on a 1099-R. You will receive a separate letter indicating the premium amount withheld during 2016. If you have not received this letter by February 10, please contact MSRS at 651-296-2761 or 1-800-657-5757.
  • Health Care Savings Plan (HCSP). Contributions and reimbursements are not reportable on state or federal income tax returns. Exception: Reimbursements to a non-spousal or non-dependent beneficiary who inherited the account upon the death of a participant are taxed as ordinary income. A 1099-MISC is issued to the beneficiary by our recordkeeper, Great-West Retirement Services.

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