Types of Investment Transactions

Investment terminology can be confusing. Here is a explanation of the four types of investment-related transactions that can be processed on your account.

The MSRS Service Center can process your investment-related requests.  Or you can make changes on our website. Start by logging on to your Account Online and select the Transactions icon. 

Transaction Type

What does it do

Change Future Investments          

  • Changes how your future contributions will be invested.

  • Does not affect how your current balance is invested.

Transfer My Investments

  • Moves a specific dollar amount or percentage of your currrent account balance from one investment option to another. Trading restrictions may apply. Contact MSRS for more detail.

  • Does not change how your future contributions are invested.

Some investment options impose fees or trading restrictions to prevent short-term trading. Contact MSRS for more details.

Rebalance My Investments

  • Returns your investment mix to your intended long-term strategy.

  • Keeps your portfolio diversified.

  • Avoids the possibility that some investments dominate your portfolio.

  • Automatic rebalance is available. Can have your account rebalanced automatically on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Can stop automatic rebalance at anytime.

Rebalanceing neither assures not guarantees better performance and cannot protect against loss in declining markets.