How to Choose Your Investment Options

Contributions are automatically invested in the Target Retirement Date Fund closest to your age 65
You can change how future contributions are invested or transfer all or a portion of your existing account balance among any of the investment options offered by the Plan.  Trading restriction apply: You cannot transfer balances directly from the Stable Value Fund to the Money Market Fund.

What to consider when choosing an investment allocation

  • Research the investment options offered by the Plan. Consider the investment objectives, risks, and expenses of the options carefully.

  • Diversification: A diversified portfolio (one that spreads your account balance among several different investment options), can help manage investment risk because a single investment option doesn't carry the load of your portfolio.

  • Time horizon: the number of years you have to save and invest before you are eligible to request reimbursements. A younger investor may be more comfortable investing in riskier options because there is more time to weather the ups and downs in investment performance. As you near retirement, if your goal is to preserve principal, you may want to shift a greater portion of the account balance to more conservative investment options.


Review your investments regularly
An investment allocation that meets your needs today may not necessarily be appropriate for you in the future. Your allocation should be reviewed as your goals, time horizon, and personal situation changes.


Changing your investment mix
See How to Change Your Investment Options