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Pension Benefit Increase, January 2018

Effective January 1, 2018, eligible MSRS retirees and other benefit recipients will receive a 2% post-retirement pension benefit increase. Exceptions: Retirees covered under the State Patrol Retirement Plan will receive a 1% increase. Retired judges will receive a 1.75% increase.

You will receive a letter from MSRS in December confirming your 2018 benefit amount. Be sure to notify us if your address has changed to ensure the letter reaches you.

The post-retirement benefit increase is established in Minnesota law and occurs each January. The increase is proprated the first year after retirement and is based on the number of full months you were retired during the previous fiscal year, which ends June 30. After the intial prorated increase, you receive the full benefit increase amount in subsequent years.

Economic Impact of Minnesota Pensions

The Retirement Systems of Minnesota provide secure retirement benefits to more than  173,000 Minnesotans, totaling $4.1 billion. Click the map below to see where retirees live around the state.

Learn About Your Pension Plan

As a Minnesota public employee, you are already contributing to your financial future! Watch our video to learn more.