Fire Marshals Retirement Plan

The State Fire Marshals Retirement Plan covers employees of the State Fire Marshal's Division employed as deputy state fire marshal fire/arson investigators. The Fire Marshals Plan provides retirement, survivor and disability coverage.

To be a member of the Fire Marshals Plan, you must file a notice to MSRS' Executive Director stating that you choose to be a member of this plan. You must contact MSRS to request the Plan Selection Form. The form must be filed with MSRS within 90 days of your start of employment. Your election is irrevocable.

Once retired, you will receive a monthly retirement benefit for life with potential post-retirement increases. Depending on the option you select at retirement, your survivor(s) may be eligible to receive a lifetime survivor benefit upon your death.

Employees covered by the Fire Marshals Plan contribute to Social Security. Monthly benefits from the Plan are paid in addition to Social Security benefits.