Unclassified Plan - Eligibility

Unclassified Plan membership is determined by Minnesota law. Participation is mandatory unless you elect to be covered by the General Employees Retirement Plan (if eligible for that provision).

Most positions covered by the Unclassified Plan are determined by political election; generally, at-will, appointed positions that may result in a shorter period of service. For example, employees at the legislature and upper-level state government management are members of this plan. For a complete list of positions covered by the Unclassified Plan, see the Unclassified Retirement Plan handbook.

Note: Some positions are called "unclassified" but may not be covered by this plan. The position must be specifically outlined in law to participate in the Unclassified Plan. Please contact our office at 1-800-657-5757 to determine if your position is covered by this plan.