Disability Benefit

You may apply for a disability monthly benefit if you become totally and permanently disabled. The  benefit is based on your age and your account value at the time you begin to collect monthly benefits.

Total and permanent disability defined: inability to engage in any substantial, gainful activity because of a medical or mental illness that is expected to last at least one year.

If you are eligible to convert to the General Plan, it likely will provide higher monthly disability benefits. 

Please contact MSRS for more details regrding disability eligibility and benefits.


There are important timelines you need to consider when applying for a disability.  

  • You must apply for a disability benefit within 18 months of ending employment. The benefit may be payable up to 180 days retroactive prior to the day our office receives the completed application.

  • You cannot apply for a disability benefit until the day after your last working day. After that time, apply for a benefit immediately. We strongly recommend not waiting for your sick leave or vacation to run out.