Deferring Your Retirement Benefit

If you end state employment, you can delay receiving a monthly benefit until a later date. This is called a "deferred benefit."

Why defer your benefit

  • You have not reached retirement age and therefore, are not eligible to apply for your benefit.

  • You are employed elsewhere and do not want to begin collecting the benefit.

To qualify for a deferred benefit
You must be . . .

  • retirement age (most employees can begin collecting a benefit as early as age 50).

  • vested. If first hired before July 1, 2013, must have three years of service. If first hired after June 30, 2013, must have ten years of service.


Calculating your benefit
To calculate your estimated monthly benefit, we use the same factors that are used for a regular retirement benefit. For more details, see Benefit Calculation

Apply for your benefit
You can apply for your monthly retirement benefit to begin at age 50 or later. If you receive the deferred benefit before normal retirement age, it is reduced for each year and month you are under your normal retirement age.

You can apply for your benefit 60 days prior to the date you are eligible to receive the monthly benefit. See Apply for Retirement for a list of the forms you need to complete.