Managed Account Service

Do-It-For-Me Investor


Managed Account  is an advice service where you delegate management of your account investments to professional financial experts.
A monthly fee will apply if you enroll in this program.


The Managed Account Service does more than just match your objectives with suitable investments - it also saves you time. Trying to keep up with market changes is one thing, but keeping pace with the speed of your own life can be even more difficult. As your life changes, your retirement savings and investment strategy will change automatically along with it as you update your profile.

A Managed Account provides:

  • Ongoing investment portfolio management based on your personal financial profile.

  • Personalized Retirement Readiness statements.

  • Investment Adviser Representatives available for consultation.

Get Started:
To learn more or to enroll, contact MSRS and ask to speak with an AAG Investment adviser representative.


If you decide to enroll in the Managed Account Service, there is a quarterly fee based on your MNDCP account balance.

Account Balance

Annual Account Fee

Quarterly Amount

First $100,000


$11.25 per $10,000

Next $150,000


$8.75   per $10,000

Next $150,000


$6.25  per $10,000

Over $400,000


$3.75  per $10,000


There is no assurance that participation in Advisory Services will result in a profit or that your account will outperform a self-managed portfolio.