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  Last Updated: 11/21/2014
   State Patrol Retirement Plan
  The State Patrol Retirement Plan (State Patrol Plan) covers public safety officers who have the power of arrest from the State Patrol, Department of Natural Resources (Conservation Officers), Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Division of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement, and the Fugitive Apprehension Unit of the Department of Corrections.

Both the employee and employer contribute to the State Patrol Retirement Plan. Legislation passed in 2013 will increase contribution rates.
Current and future contribution rates
Employee Contribution Employer Contribution
Current Contribution Rates 12.4% 18.6%
Rates Effective 7/1/2014 13.4% 20.1%
Rates Effective 7/1/2016 14.4% 21.6%

Employees covered by the State Patrol Plan do not contribute to Social Security.

How do we calculate your retirement benefit?
The video below explains the factors that are used to calculate your MSRS retirement benefit. For more detail, please see the Retirement Plan Handbook or contact MSRS at 1-800-657-5757.

  Disclaimer: The MSRS website is a general summary of the plans administered by the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS). The purpose of the website is to provide a general overview of benefits and the plans administered by MSRS. The benefits described generally apply to active employees. If there is any difference between the information this handbook provides and the law or policies which govern MSRS, the law and policies will prevail. The provisions may be subject to law changes.

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